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Biogas Safety Training in the Philippines

A 3-day safety training was conducted face-to-face at 2 plant locations in South Cotabato, Philippines (Surallah and Polomolok). These 2 biogas plants were built by LIPP GmbH and in order to ensure a smooth operation of the plant, this safety training was initiated. The training was held by Mr. Michael Köttner, an experienced biogas safety trainer.

Day 1 of the training was focussed on safety basics in group work while day 2 and 3 were conducted at the biogas plants, allowing participants to experience a practical training. Among the participants were employees of the local factory Dole International who runs the plant, technicians and operators at the two biogas plants, representatives from the Department of Energy and Mapua University.

The focus of the training was on local safety issues in the field of biogas plants like also the lack of safety protection and education/demonstration in according to Germany Biogas Safety Regulation. 55 participants joined the training and received a certificate.

Everyone had an interesting and informative time during the following video was made:

Video Biogas Safety Training

This three-year develoPPP project is 50% co-financed by the German Investment Corporation (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft – DEG) through public funds of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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Mapua University and LIPP cooperate in biogas research tieup

In order to research new raw materials for biogas production, we have entered into a cooperation with Mapua University in the Philippines. We will donate biogas yield testing equipment to the university to support their research.

As a tropical country, the Philippines has plenty of organic material whose biogas yield has not yet been tested. There is a lot of potential for biogas production and we want to help access that potential.

LIPP has partnered with MetPower Ventures and built two industrial-scale biogas plants in Mindanao for Dole Philippines, which have a combined capacity to produce 5.7 megawatts of clean energy per year. The benefits of these plants are clear to see.

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