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Patented and well-known inventions

Many of LIPP’s inventions and developments have been patented and are now known the world over. The two most important developments – the LIPP® Double-Seam-System and VERINOX® – have also won a number of awards.

For the development of the LIPP® Drinking Water Tank

Environmental Technology Award 2017 of Baden-Württemberg

The LIPP® Drinking Water Tank have been awarded by the second prize in the category “Material Efficiency”.

For the development of VERINOX®

2005 Innovation Award by the German State of Baden-Württemberg

Launched in October 1984 on the initiative of former Minister for the Economy Dr. Rudolf Eberle, this prize is awarded to small and medium-sized companies in his memory.

2006 German Steel Innovation Award

The competition which is held every three years was launched in 1989 by the German steel industry in order to promote and share innovative applications and new ideas relating to steel.

Lipp Awards Innovation

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