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Liquid Manure Container - Lipp System

LIPP® Liquid Manure Containers

Cost-effective storage of liquid manure

Lipp offers liquid manure containers for farms of any size that not only make promises to provide safe and cost-efficient storage but also keep those promises. Stainless steel may be the material of choice for constructing liquid manure containers but steel is expensive – and that is why Lipp uses Verinox®, the material that it developed in-house. A combination of galvanised steel sheet (for the outside of the container) and stainless steel sheet (for the inside of the container), Verinox® offers all the benefits of a high-quality material while enabling significant cost savings to be made at the same time.

  • Can be tailored to the customer’s requirements
  • Steplessly variable in diameter and height
  • On-site production
  • Construction without the need for container boarding or scaffolding
  • Suitable for expansion
  • High quality and a long service life
  • Wide range of peripheral accessories
  • Consistent quality worldwide

Technical Data

continuously variable from 20 to 45 m

continuously variable from 3 to 35 m

from 2.000 to 10.000 m3

pH level
from 5 to 10,
further on request

Exterior colour
freely selectable according to RAL


VERINOX® stainless steel
Duplex material from a galvanised steel band on
the outside and a stainless steel band, e.g. 1.4301 [304], 1.4571 [316Ti] or 1.4539 [904L], on the medium side.

further materials on request


Openings and leadthroughs of any size and shape can be installed, even in the event of subsequent upgrades. There is a wide range of peripheral accessories available for the technical equipment of the tank:

  • Roofs and Covers
  • Roof insulation
  • Pumping systems
  • Flexible mixing technology
  • Inspection glasses
  • Stairways, ladders, platforms, connection pieces, manholes, etc.
LIPP liquid manure container with 2000 m3 volume
LIPP liquid manure container with 2000 m3 volume

Wide range of container roofs and covers

The LIPP Double-Seam System enables containers to be constructed on site within a short space of time with a diameter that is steplessly variable between 20 and more than 45 metres. Damaged concrete containers can also be easily refurbished (see Container Refurbishing).

If a liquid manure container needs to be covered, Lipp offers a wide range of container roof and cover designs to choose from. The range includes simple foil roofs, single and double-skin roofs and double diaphragm roofs as well as the high-quality LIPP stainless steel diaphragm cover.

Slurry Container with roof - Lipp-System
Covered Slurry Container - Lipp-System

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