Lipp Eco Digester
Eco-Digester plant - Lipp System

LIPP® Eco Digester

Digester chamber volumes from 100 up to 10,000m³

The flexible LIPP Eco Digester for use in industry and agriculture can be adapted to individual requirements and customer demands. With a wide variety of different container roofs to choose from, tank solutions with or without an integrated gas accumulator can be offered.

  • Production of renewable energy and reduction of fossil CO2 emissions
  • Low noise emissions
  • Flexibility with regard to substrate composition
  • Customisable pumping and stirring technology
  • High functional safety
  • External heating system available
  • Production on site for quick construction
  • Low investment costs
  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Consistent quality worldwide

Technical Data

from 100 to 10.000 m3


Operating pressure
from 0 to 7 mbar,
further on request

Gas storage
depending on roof construction

Exterior colour
freely selectable
according to RAL


VERINOX® stainless steel
Duplex material from a galvanised steel band on the outside and a stainless steel band, e.g. 1.4571 [316Ti] or 1.4539 [904L], on the medium side.

Installation parts
Stainless steels, e.g. 1.4301 [304], 1.4571 [316Ti] or 1.4539 [904L]


There is a wide range of peripheral accessories available for the technical equipment of the tank:

  • Roof insulation
  • Pumping systems
  • Flexible mixing technology
  • Inspection glasses
  • Stairways, ladders, platforms, connection pieces, manholes, etc.

Wide range of container roofs with or without a gas accumulator

The LIPP Eco Digester has a modular design and essentially consists of a stainless steel container (Verinox®) with a digester chamber volume of 100 to 10,000 m3. Panel heating and insulation can be fitted on the outside and are easily accessible. In addition, the good thermal conductivity of the steel promotes optimised heat input. There is a wide variety of roof constructions to choose from for covering the tank:

  • foil roof
  • single-skin/double-skin roofs
  • double diaphragm roof

LIPP® Eco Digester assembly time lapse video

More information about the LIPP® Eco Digester

Tanks can be adapted to the substrate composition

The range of material grades available and individually customisable pumping and stirring technologies provide optimum boundary conditions for any substrate composition. Pre or post-treatment of the substrate can be carried out by installing additional tanks (e.g. hydrolysis, sugar beet silos and post-digesters).

With Lipp tanks for biogas plants which are built and used all over the world, you will benefit from 50 years of experience in plant and tank construction. They are constructed using VERINOX® stainless steel which is characterised by maximum leak-tightness and high quality.

Features of the LIPP® Eco Digester

Structure of the LIPP Eco Digester
Structure of the LIPP Eco Digester
  • Stainless steel digester with a digester chamber volume of 100 to 10,000 m3
  • Wide range of tank roofs
  • With or without optional gas accumulator
  • Flexible stirring technology which can be adapted to the digester and substrate
  • Smooth internal walls and uniform temperature distribution

Coordinated stirring technology and smooth internal walls

The smooth internal walls of the LIPP digesters (largely without any internal attachments) ensure gentle, uniform mixing while keeping energy consumption low. If an external heating system is fitted, it will guarantee uniform temperature distribution in the digester. These mechanical and thermodynamic benefits with LIPP digesters mean short retention times.

The high functional safety, for heating and stirring technology, ensures a low demand for process energy and this is combined with the benefits of minimal maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Lipp Eco Digester with double diaphragm roof
Lipp Eco Digester with double diaphragm roof
Eco Digester with single skin roof
Eco Digester with single skin roof
EcoDigester double-skin roof
Double-skin roof

Production on site enables quick construction

The automated assembly technology in the LIPP Double-Seam System enables the fast construction of stainless steel tanks which has a positive effect on investment costs. Efficient production on site, minimal installation space and a short construction time are key features of this flexible construction technology.

LIPP Eco Digester with a volume of 2740m³
LIPP Eco Digester with a volume of 2740m³
Single-skin roof
Single-skin roof

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