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LIPP® Welding Technology

Technological innovation opening up new markets

The new automated Lipp welding process will again shake up tank construction market just as the well-established Lipp double-fold system did decades ago. It is a perfect combination of the long experience in metal forming and state-of-the art welding technology.

  • Automated welding process, on-site
  • Visual weld-monitoring and technical documentation
  • Reinforcement ribs for enhanced structural stability and reduced material costs
  • High quality and repeatability
  • Fast installation
  • Choice of different material grades and types


Specialised company according to the WHG
Lipp is a certified specialised company according to article 19 of the German Water Resources Act, paying particular attention to the durability of its products, a professional execution and a solid workmanship in every detail.

tuev certificate


Welding manufacturer according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2
Lipp is an approved welding manufacturer in tank, machine and steel construction according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2, to ensure professional welding operations.

Welding up to EXC3 class according to DIN EN 1090-2
Lipp is certified to calculate and manufacture structural components and steel structures up to EXC3 class according to DIN EN 1090-2.


Work safety – AMS BAU
Lipp fulfils the requirements of a systematic and effective work safety on basis of the German AMS BAU, an occupational safety management system for industrial companies.


continuously variable from 6 to 50 m

continuously variable from 3 to 30 m

from 2.000 to 10,000 m3

further sizes on request

Wall thickness
from 4 to 8 mm


Black steels
various qualities, e. g. S280, S350 etc.


Liquid and solid Media
e. g. zement, lime stone, grain, soy, rice, wood-chips, palletts, flower, ash etc.


continuously variable from 5 to 25m

continuously variable from 3 to 20m

from 150 to 5.000 m3

further sizes on request

Wall thickness
from 2 to 4 mm


Stainless steel
z. B. 1.4301 [304], 1.4571 [316Ti]

Duplex steel
z. B. 1.4062 (S32202), 1.4162 (S32101), 1.4362 (S32304)

further materials on request


Liquid and solid Media
e.g. drinking water, food products, process water, etc.

Beside black steel, various grades of stainless steel and duplex steel can be auto-welded. In addition to the new potential markets and applications, the Lipp automated welding technology will increase the competitiveness of Lipp as a system provider. On top of new possibilities and advantages gained by welding of black steel in existing applications as bulk storage, the biggest market opportunities are arising in the field of drinking water.

lipp eu support

Supported by the European Union and the German Ministry of Economics and Technology

This project has received funding
from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under
grant agreement No 726675.

Supported by the Germen Ministry of Economics and Technology - Lipp-System
More information about the LIPP® Welding Technology
Three different welding processes based on the LIPP system and adjusted to the application
Three different welding processes based on the LIPP system and adjusted to the application

Automated on-site construction and visualized welding monitoring

Special features of the Lipp welding technology are the automated on-site construction of above-the-ground cylindrical tanks made of various grades of duplex steel, stainless steel and black steel. Moreover, the technology also incorporates the post-treatment of the weld and a visualized welding monitoring and the technical documentation of the process. Due to the flexible and mobile concept of the equipment, the installation can either be done on greenfield construction sites but also inside buildings or in places with limited access and working space.

Reinforcement ribs provide additional stability

Drinking Water Tank Model - Lipp System

The core of the technology is the automated welding process, where the tank is simultaneously welded on the inside and the outside. Similar to the Lipp double-fold technology the material will be pre-formed by Lipp special forming machines and reinforcement ribs are applied for additional stability. By doing so, the wall-thickness can be reduced which will have an economic effect on the overall material costs, without compromising structural stability. The process also enables the installation of roofs and other accessories at ground level, which reduces the risk of working at heights.

The main application for the new Lipp welding technology is the drinking water sector. However, there is lots of market potential in the food and beverage industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals as well as other industries. The black steel welding technology enables the installation of bulk silos with huge diameters and volumes, which is a significant improvement compared to today.

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