Special tanks and roofs
Special Tanks - Lipp System

LIPP® Special Tanks and Silos

On-site production flexibility with continuously variable dimensions

Special circumstances and requirements often call for containers which cannot be produced using standard solutions. This is where special tanks and silos which can be adjusted to suit prevailing conditions and provide individual solutions are required.

The LIPP System offers a variety of possible solutions to a wide range of problems in the form of welded or folded designs. Steplessly adjustable diameters and heights enable tank dimensions to be individually adapted to the prevailing conditions. In addition, on-site installation only requires a minimal amount of space, for example enabling containers to be constructed in buildings or other situations where there is limited space available. Tank-in-tank solutions can also be realised using the LIPP System.

LIPP silo tank mounted on a platform
LIPP silo tank mounted on a platform
  • Tank-in-tank solutions
  • Container expansion, e.g. of concrete containers
  • Installation inside buildings
  • Mounting on platforms
  • Mounting on various substructures
  • Coatings for use with aggressive media
  • Film lining for use with aggressive media
  • A wide variety of attachments and mounting parts
LIPP tank constructed in a building
LIPP tank constructed in a building
  • Can be tailored to the customer’s requirements
  • Steplessly variable in diameter and height
  • On-site production
  • Minimal installation space required
  • Flexible choice of materials
  • High quality and long service life
  • Wide range of peripheral accessories

Technical Data

continuously variable from 5 to 50 m

continuously variable from 3 to 35 m

from 100 to 10.000 m3

solid, liquid or gaseous

Exterior colour
freely selectable according to RAL


VERINOX® stainless steel
Duplex material from a galvanised steel band on the outside and a stainless steel band, e.g. 1.4301 [304], 1.4571 [316Ti] or 1.4539 [904L], on the medium side.

Stainless steels
e.g. 1.4301 [304] or 1.4571 [316Ti]

Galvanised/black steels

further materials on request


Openings and leadthroughs of any size and shape can be installed, even in the event of subsequent upgrades. There is a wide range of peripheral accessories available for the technical equipment of the tank:

  • Roofs and covers
  • Tank bottom
  • Pumping and mixing technology
  • Tank insulation
  • Stairways, ladders, platforms, connection pieces, manholes, etc.

Materials for a wide variety of media

Besides container dimensions, special materials or combinations of materials may also be required for the storage of a substrate. The variety of LIPP
materials on offer ranges from black/galvanised steel through VERINOX® stainless steel to high-alloy stainless steels for the storage of numerous different media. The best material will be chosen for the customer based on the relevant requirements. Stainless steel bottoms and stainless steel roofs can also be realised.

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