Lipp Industry Plants - Lipp System
Lipp Industry Plants - Lipp System


Equipment and tank systems for various industries

Based on decades of experience in plant and tank construction, Lipp has proved a reliable partner for planners and end users in various industries and areas of application.

In addition to solutions for industrial waste water treatment, for example for the food and beverage industry, and the production of biogas from industrial waste, Lipp also has successfully implemented numerous process vessels and the storage of special liquids, gases and bulk goods.

On-site machine production with self-developed special machines

Lipp’s core expertise was acquired in plant construction in many different projects at home and abroad, and is being constantly expanded. The knowledge and process expertise gained are a crucial advantage in the planning, design and installation of equipment and container systems. One of the biggest advantages, in addition to the durability and low maintenance costs of the system components, is the same high quality standard, regardless of whether a project is planned in Africa, America, Asia or Central Europe. This high quality standard is guaranteed by the on-site machine production with self-developed special machines and highly qualified technicians, as well as the self-manufactured materials and components.

In addition to these features, professional project management and timely completion are two key features of Lipp’s performance. The overall package has convinced customers for decades and makes Lipp an important partner for general contractors, engineering companies and system manufacturers worldwide.

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Flexibility in planning and tendering

The plant construction is characterised by its high degree of individuality and the respective local and sectoral characteristics. The high level of flexibility of the Lipp system in terms of tank types and dimensions, materials and mixing and safety systems allow easy integration into existing system concepts. Even confined spaces and structures within buildings or in special zones, such as airports, are especially suited for the Lipp system.

Industry Plant Waste - Lipp System

The right solution, including the desired safety and auxiliary equipment, is offered by involving experienced Lipp employees in the planning process, and taking into account the upstream and downstream processes. For planners and end users, this means lower planning costs and increased safety.

Besides feasibility studies, the associated heat and volume calculations and energy and mass balances, Lipp also offers support for detailed planning through to the overall layout.

Depending on customer requirements and local framework conditions, local employees are involved in assembly, or certain services on site can even be taken over by the customer for economic reasons. Lipp employees have worked in more than 80 countries on different construction sites and are familiar with a variety of applicable work and safety regulations.

Customer care during the process

From the initial inquiry, through the planning process as well as during construction and commissioning, Lipp supports its customers and allows them to benefit from the company’s internal expertise and experience. Through cooperation with Lipp, the customer buys not just a plant or a tank system, but more than five decades of experience in container and plant construction for different industries in various regions of the world.

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