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TV-interview about LIPP project

Our partner MetPower Venture Partners gave an interview about our biogas project in the Philippines. 

Follow this link to see the interview. 

On the island Mindanao, the second-largest island in the Philippines (after Luzon), located in the southern region of the archipelago, laying the largest pineapple cannery facility in Philippines, named Dole Philippines Inc. The company operates on two locations, Surallah and Polomolok, and is processing fruit juices and canned fruits from pineapples. These two factories are producing 800.000 t pineapple waste per year.

By improving the waste management system, Dole Phillippines Inc. recognized the potential for biogas production with a capacity of 7.9 MW, and a reduction of about 50,000 t CO2 emissions per year.

This significant information and CO2 compensation played an important role for creating the installation of a industrial biogas plant, total capacity 7.9 MW, divided into two biogas plants, biogas plant Surallah with a capacity of 2,9 MW and biogas plant Polomolok with a capacity of 5 MW. The realization of this project has estimated costs of 1 billion philippines pesos (€16.7 million) and it was co-financed with The Joint Crediting Mechanisms (JCM), the progamm introduced by the Government of Japan.

Lipp was engaged to develop and build two biogas plants embedded in Dole’s Surallah and Polomolok cannery facilities (South Cotabato, Philippines).

Once the biogas power plants are operational, they will utilize 100% of the pineapple waste which is for disposal and will be processed to produce renewable energy as a contribution to reducing greenhouse gases and air pollutant emissions, and lowering electricity cost for Dole factories and usage of environmentally friendly digestate.

In the video on the following link,  you can find out more information about converting Pinappe waste into Biogas! Click here

From pineapple waste to biogas

In partnership with MetPower Venture Partners, LIPP is building the first industrial-scale biogas plants in Mindanao to process Dole Philippines’ pineapple waste and convert in into biogas. 

“We see strong potential for biogas production in the Philippines,” said Manuel Lipp, managing director of LIPP GmbH, in a statement. “To support our technology on the ground, we need to train the employees so they can safely operate and maintain the plants in the future,” he added. 

The training, held by AHK Philippines, German Biogas Association and LIPP GmH,  started on Tuesday. 

Read this article to find out more about the whole project. 

EnergyDecentral Trade Fair

LIPP will be an exhibitor at the EnergyDecentral trade fair from 9 – 12 February 2021.

Energy Decentral is an international exhibition for bioenergy and decentralized energy supply that takes place every two years in Hanover, Germany.

Due to the current situation, the fair is taking place digitally. Communication with the exhibitors is possible through online meetings. Events and discussion boards are also carried out digitally.


Biogas project Philippines

The Germen Biogas Association reports on a LIPP project that was realized in collaboration with METPower and Dole.

Biogas is produced from fruit waste (mainly pineapple). Other advantages besides the production of biogas: waste treatment and high-quality fertilizer.

By replacing fossil fuels, 50,000 t of CO² emissions can be saved annually. You can read the interesting article about the project here.

Company holiday

Biogas Plant Agriculture - Lipp SystemTogether we accomplished a special year. We wish you a Merry Christmas with time for recreation.

Please note our company holidays from December 23rd 2020 to January 8th  2021.

In urgent cases, Mr. Fabian Seidl is available: +49 174 34 99 730.

We wish you all the best for the new year, especially health.

Construction process of a Thermal Storage Tank

The LIPP Thermal Storage Tank is an efficient solution to store the heat of biogas plants, biomass heating plants or other heat sources.

We recently produced a large-volume Thermal Storage Tank in Italy using our patented LIPP® welding technology.

This innovative process enables very flexible production of tanks with a usable volume of up to approx. 6,000 m³.

You can follow the process in this interesting video.

Further information on the large buffer tank product can be found here.


Environmental Technology Award 2017

On July 13, 2017, we were awarded the environmental technology prize of the “Material Efficiency” category by the Ministry of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg.

This makes LIPP GmbH one of the environmental technology innovation leaders in the Ländle region.

The placement is a special distinction of our work and our enthusiasm, with new innovations always an idea to be further.

At the same time, it is a valuable contribution when it comes to protecting the environment.
We are delighted about this success and would like to work with you on new projects.